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North American Technology Center

Come Experience the Latest in Ingredient Automation

Shick Esteve Kansas City is the home of the North American Technology Center combining the equipment process capabilities and expertise of the Coperion Food, Health & Nutrition (FHN) company partners—Bakon, DIOSNA, Peerless Food Equipment, Shaffer Mixers, Unifiller and VMI. Experience first-hand how ingredient automation, dough technology and process management from Coperion FHN can exceed your expectations.

The technology center is utilized for the testing and demonstration of the latest in industry-leading ingredient automation, mixing and pre-dough technologies, as well as leading-edge process controls. The expansion of our existing 3,500 sq. ft. test lab into a temperature-controlled joint testing, training, and education center boasts many equipment and process updates. The nearly 15,000 sq. ft. facility also functions as Shick Esteve’s North American Research and Development Center.

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Experience first-hand how ingredient automation, dough technology and process management can benefit your needs. Experience the North American Technology Center. Contact us today to get started.

Media Contact

Kelly Wiens

Marketing Manager

(816) 861-9782

Technology Center Features

  • Ingredient automation
    • Bulk and minor/micro
    • Dry ingredient blending
    • Sifter validation
    • Dry ingredient chilling
  • Liquid automation
    • Precise metering and dosing
    • Three stream water blending
  • Liquid blending
  • Pre-dough/fermentation technology
  • Grain soaking and delivery
  • Dough mixing
    • Two types of continuous mixing
    • Four types of vertical mixers
  • Latest in process control and integrated data collection
    • Clarity Process Management & IIoT (4.0)
    • IO-Link Remote I/O and Devices
    • PlantPAx/FactoryTalk

Finished Product Capabilities

  • Conveying technologies
    • Dense phase conveying in vacuum, high pressure batch, and continuous operation
    • Validation of transfer rates via multi configuration pipe size and routing
    • Optimal air flow, vacuum/pressure conditions
  • Material properties testing including
    • Strength of particle
    • Liquid viscosities
    • Solids analysis

Confidence. Built In.

What that means for you…

  • Proof of concept
    • Move forward with confidence that your automation needs are met
  • Educational and training opportunities
    • Ingredient automation seminars
    • Hands on maintenance training
  • Understand the power of contextual data and what it can do for you
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