Scale/Hopper Receivers

Shick Esteve scaling and receiving hoppers are used in pressure, vacuum and gravity applications. These concentric and eccentric units are available in a wide range of capacities and are most often filled pneumatically through the use of a Shick Esteve diverter valve. The eccentric hopper design is often used when multiple vessels/scales share a common discharge point or area.

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  • Materials Of Construction: ASTM 36 carbon steel or ASTM A240 304 S/S sheet metal.
  • Carbon Steel Finishes: Internal welds are ground to a 120-grit finish on weld seams only; internal finish is clear phenolic or epoxy; external paint primed with white enamel finish coat.
  • Stainless Steel Finishes: Interior welds ground to a 120-grit finish; exterior welds to be cleaned; sheet is a 2B mill finish (internal) and matte glass bead blast (external).
  • Easy Installation: With (3) application-specific support lugs at 120º circumference to accept compression load cells or hanger rods with tension load cells.
  • 60 Degree Slope: Standarddesigned to encourage thedischarge of material; otherslopes available.
  • Access Door: A removable, flush-fitting access door is provided in the cone section.


  • Finish: Stainless 4B finish sheet with interior welds ground to a 180-grit finish; others available
  • Vibrator/Aeration: Air-impacting vibrators or aerating Solimar(s) assist the flow of dry material from any scale hopper; others available
  • Load Cells: Compression for mezzanine applications or tension load cell kits for hanging applications are available in a wide range of sizes, depending on the size of the scale hopper and weight of material; load cell kits include 3 load cells, summing box, electrical kit (tension), cable and suspension.


Capacities based on 20º product angle of repose, 60º hopper and center fill via a Shick bottom diverter valve

12” diameter discharge withothers available

Various inlet and discharge sizes available with dimensions provided upon request. Overall dimensions will change based on inlet/outlet sizes.

Approximately 20º conical top

Hoppers for pressure applications are built with vibrator pad, vacuum relief vent and (3) support lugs Vacuum-rated and pressure-rated hoppers may require dished heads and stiffener rings for a maximum vacuum rating of 17 Hg and maximum pressure of 14.7 psig.

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