• Cyclone Receiver

Cyclone Receivers

Shick Esteve manufactures four different sizes of cyclone separators. These cyclones provide an efficient and cost-effective means of separating particulates (material) from air in a pressure or vacuum pneumatic conveying airstream. Cyclones operate by generating a vortex of particulate-laden air. Centrifugal force pushes the particulates toward the outer cyclone wall where they lose velocity and spiral downward to the discharge. The relatively particulate-free air is then exhausted through the clean air discharge port which is attached to the top of the cyclone. Efficiency of this process depends on the material being conveyed, material/air flow rates, and cyclone design. Typical applications for cyclones are at material processing points, such as sifter stations, pulverizers, and liquid mixers.

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  • MATERIAL OF CONSTRUCTION – 12 GA, ASTM 569 carbon steel or ASTM A240 304 stainless steel sheet metal.
  • CARBON FINISHES – Internal welds are ground to a 36-grit finish on weld seams only. Internal finish is clear phenolic or epoxy. External paint is primed with white enamel finish coat.
  • STAINLESS FINISHES – Interior welds are ground to an 80-grit finish with no cracks, pits or crevices, hard wheel finish on weld seams only. Exterior welds to be cleaned. Sheet is a 2B mill finish.
  • ADJUSTABLE INLET AND OUTLET – Positioning of inlet and outlet over the entire 360˚ range.
  • EASY INSTALLATION – With (4) mounting lugs to accept 1/2” diameter hanger rods.


  • LEVEL INDICATOR: Vent bonnet is available as shown or can be fitted with rotary or probe-type level indicator to indicate product accumulation.
  • FINISH: Stainless: 4B finish sheet with interior welds ground to a 150-grit finish.


    1. Round discharge flange for 16”
    2. Square discharge flange for 20”,24”, 30”
    3. Flanges are built to mate to a Shick airlock.

Dimensions – Unit

DiameterA In/mmB In/mmC In/mmD In/mmE ID In/mmF OD In/mmG ID In/mmH In/mmI In/mmJ SQ In/mmK SQ In/mmL SQ In/mmM OD In/mmN ID In/mmO BC In/mmP DIA In/mmQ TYP In/mmWt. Lbs.
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