• Liquid IBC Tote Stands

Liquid IBC Tote Stands

Shick Esteve’s Liquid Tote Systems store and transfer various liquid ingredients. The totes feed a reservoir where a pump draws ingredients and distributes them to one or more use points. When the tote is empty, the inline level switch sends a signal to a PLC or local indicator. The operator can replace the tote with a new one while the system continues to operate from the ingredients in the reservoir. Typical reservoir design provides additional changeover time without interrupting production.

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  • Tote Adapter Hose: Typical tote connection is a 2” food grade hose with tri-clamp end connectors
  • Optional Sanitary Inline Reservoir: 304 S/S with vacuum breaker/air bleed in standard 14, 20 and 45-gallon options; equipped with level switch
  • Transfer Pump: Multiple pumps available, such as centrifugal, positive displacement and diaphragm pumps
  • Mounting: Mounted on a 304 S/S tote stand thatis designed for sanitary environments with an angled tote position for better drainage


  • Sanitary Strainers
  • Sanitary Magnet Traps
  • Mass Flow Meters
  • Tank Heaters
  • Tilt Feature: For better emptying of the tote
  • Dual Gravity/Double Stacked: Allows replacing a tote without interrupting production; increased floor space with double stacked design
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