• Bulk Bag Unloader

Bulk Bag Unloader

Shick Esteve’s bulk bag unloader is designed with a modular frame system that adapts easily to a processor’s specific discharge requirements and space constraints. The frame system can be installed as a complete unit or in frame sections and assembled on site. Pro-Sack’s modular frame system and discharge components can be designed for low headroom applications/installations. Because of the wide variety of dry ingredients that are handled in bulk bags (each having its own flow characteristics) and the compaction of the material that typically results from shipping, the Pro-Sack System can be quickly and easily fitted with the correct discharge device/method to ensure efficient unloading. As part of the Pro-Sack System, a full range of discharge options/devices are available and engineered to handle the most demanding applications. Shick Esteve maintains a full scale test and demonstration lab to ensure the optimal configuration/design for your application.

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  • MODULAR/OPEN FRAME DESIGN – The frame design is available as a single or double unit, welded construction or as a bolt-together assembly. All bag lifting/ positioning is performed within the (4) frame posts, eliminating the requirement for a cantilevered I-beam/hoist system. As a result, the frame is free from cross-bracing, providing easy access for operation, cleaning and maintenance.
  • APPLICATION FLEXIBILITY – Whether you are planning for a current application or anticipating a change in dry ingredient usage in the future, all of the Pro-Sack discharge components are designed for quick and easy assembly and removal from a single mounting flange on the underside of the bag tray platform.
  • SAFETY & ERGONOMICS – The design of the I-beam and hoist system ensures that the bag (often of several thousand pounds or more) is within the frame whenever it is lifted or moved. A fold-down seat is also available to provide the operator a comfortable and safe position while setting up the bag for discharge underneath the bag tray.
  • NEMA – 4 and 9 standard, 4X and 7 available.
  • MATERIAL OF CONSTRUCTION – Horizontal frames made of 3″ square carbon steel tubing, support posts made of 4″ square carbon steel tubing. Also available in stainless steel. Contact surfaces available in food grade epoxy coating and/or stainless steel.


  • Dust-Free Operation/Filter Hopper
  • Vibrating Tray/Flow Hopper
  • Hoist/Ram Base Agitation
  • Weighing/Dispensing
  • Combination Bag Dump / Sifter


Consider the following attachments:

  1. Vibrating bag tray.
  2. Fork truck loading assembly.
  3. Weighing/dispensing controls.
  4. Combination bag dump/sifter.
  5. Ram-base agitation system for hard-to-handle materials.
  6. Liner tensioning (manual/air).
  7. Cartridge filter hopper for handling blow-by air, providing dust-free operation.
  8. Fold-down seat for operator safety/ ease of use.
  9. 15″ dia. or 12″ diameter iris valves (manual/automatic).
  10. Remote pendant control.
  11. Dust-free bag clamp assembly.
  12. Complete bag emptying system
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