Bag Dump Station

Shick Esteve’s bag dump facilitates the addition of dry ingredients into a pneumatic convey line. The design includes a hopper with a gas spring assisted door that makes hand adding easier. An air-actuated cartridge filter sealing mechanism that is not exposed to the material contact area makes cartridge replacement fast, simple and tool free. The bag dump comes with an integral dust collection system with a fan that can be activated upon opening the door. The filter cleaning cycle directs captured material into the hopper for introduction into the transfer system. A removable air curtain directs air flow so dust is pulled away from the operator.

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  • Standard Materials: 304 S/S with 150-grit orbital interior finish and bead blasted exterior finish
  • Air Pressure: Required 80-100 PSI of clean dry air pressure and air consumption of 3 SCFM
  • Instrument Panel : Includes 0-15” w.c. differential presssure gauge to monitor the condition of the filter cartridges, 0-160 PSI supply air pressure gauge and on/off switch for cartridge sealing
  • Mechanism Easy Open: Gas spring assisted door and low profile design ease bag unloading
  • PTFE Coating: Spunbond polyester ePTFE membrane laminate
  • Removable bar grate
  • 8” diameter flanged outlet
  • Sanitary pipe legs standard
  • Hopper vibrator pad standard
  • Bar grate switch


  • Hopper vibrator or fluidization
  • Custom hopper/hopper outlet
  • Flange designs
  • Custom finishes
  • Magnetic grate
  • Silencer kit
  • Dual door
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