Tube Selector Valve

Shick Esteve’s Tube Selector Valves are constructed for use in both vacuum and pressure pneumatic conveying applications. The TSV uses an exclusive diverting position design for effective convergence or divergence of material. The piston is raised or lowered into position, without rotation, by selectively injecting compressed air into each end of the cylinder. This movement allows the horizontal borings, located on two separate planes within the piston, to align with the housing ports to achieve a straight-through or divert position. Shick Esteve’s TSVs can handle a maximum line pressure of 50 PSI with an air supply of 80 to 100 PSI of clean, dry air without lubrication.

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  • Valve Position indication: Dual limit switch confirms proof-positive valve position and eliminates possibilities of flow direction error.
  • Innovative Piston Operation: Constructed of solid stock with ports bored to precise specifications to eliminate possibilities of cross-contamination of conveyed materials.
  • Machined Close Tolerances: Machined to precision tolerances for trouble-free operation.
  • Positive Line Connection: Removable port flange and O-ring seals with a secure tube to valve connection for simple installation without leakage.
  • Installation: Mounted in the vertical position, with mounting holes supplied in the endplates for floor mounting or suspending it from a structure.
  • Outdoor Installation: Available for outdoor installation when appropriate.
  • Electrical Supply: NEMA 4 120 or 24V solenoid and switches (other voltages and NEMA ratings available upon request).
  • Port Seals: Standard Buna-N O-rings.
  • Piston Seals: Standard Buna-N O-rings.
  • NFPA Standards: Close tolerances exceed NFPA standards for use as an isolation valve.


  • Weather Shields: Available to protect the electrical components.
  • Limit Switches: Standard mechanical limit switch with proximity switches as an option.
  • Diverting Direction: Left hand or right hand divert available upon request abrasion-resistant design.
  • No Ledge Design: Reduces material degradation.
    Tube & Pipe Transitions.
    Filter Regulator Kits.

Dimensions / Units – TSV ( inch / mm )

120 lbs.3/76.26.5/165.1013/330.2018.5/4709.56/242.822 9.31/236.474.69/119.13.1 scfm per cycle
155 lbs.4/101.69.13/231.918.25/463.5525.88/657.3513.75/349.2515/3817.5/190.5.3 scfm per cycle
195 lbs.5/12710.63/27021.25/539.7528.88/733.5515.25/387.3517.5/444.55 8.75/222.25.6 scfm per cycle
120 lbs.2.38/60.45.75/19.0535 DEG.56/14.228.38/212.857/178
155 lbs.3.72/94.491/25.430 DEG.56/14.2212.5/317.508.38/212.85
195 lbs.4.44/112.781.19/30.2330 DEG.56/14.2214/355.69.1/231

* All dimensions are nominal.
** Valves are not designed to be actuated while product is in conveying stream.
*** Horizontal mounting is not recommended.

Dimensions / Units – TSV for dense phase pipe applications ( inch / mm )

155 lbs.3.5/88.99.13/231.918.25/463.5525.88/657.3513.75/349.2515/3817.5/190.53.72/94.491/25.430 DEG.56/14.2212.5/317.508.38/212.85
195 lbs.4.5/114.310.63/27021.25/539.7528.88/733.5515.25/387.3517.5/444.58.75/222.254.44/112.781.19/30.2330 DEG.56/14.2214/355.69.1/231

* All dimensions are nominal.
** Valves are not designed to be actuated while product is in conveying stream.
*** Horizontal mounting is not recommended.
**** Dense phase units require specialty flange stub kits.

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