Shick Ledge Free (SLF) Coupling

Shick Esteve’s Ledge Free (SLF) Coupling is designed to eliminate the ledges in a tubular convey line connection that create product damage from impacting the ends of the tubular connections. In order to control the coupling alignment, SLF couplings have one half with a protrusion and the other half with a pocket for receiving the protrusion. The elimination of a ledge is accomplished by a tapered opening on the side of the coupling with a pocket. This makes a specific direction for product flow from the coupling half with the protrusion to the coupling half with the pocket. An O-ring is used to seal the joint and a V-style clamp is used to hold the faces of the coupling together. The clamp will fit either pipe or tube within the same nominal size.

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  • Coupling halves with protrusion and pocket for positive alignment.
  • Ledge-free design in the direction of product flow
  • O-ring Seal
  • V-clamp with quick release draw bolt.
  • Available in pipe and tube sizes.


Nominal Size
Dimension C
(Outer Diameter)

Model Numbers

  • SLF-3T-16 / SLF-3P-10
  • SLF-4T-16 / SLF-4P-10
  • SLF-5T-14 / SLF-5P-10
  • SLF-6T-14 / SLF-6p-10

Other sizes available upon request.

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