Rotary Valves

Shick Esteve’s durable Rotary Valves are designed to meter a wide variety of dry, powdered, granulated or similar material into vacuum or pressurized pneumatic convey lines, as well as gravity applications. Rotary Valves are typically used at the discharge of bulk storage dust cosilos, bins, hand dumps, llectors or scaling hoppers. They are available in two configurations: airlocks (drop through) and feeders (blow through). Each product line comes in various materials of construction and is designed for a wide variety of applications. The airlocks and feeders are designed to handle a maximum pressure of 14.7 psig and maximum vacuum of 29 Hg. Close tolerances exceed NFPA standards for use as an isolation valve.

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  • Housing: Cast iron or S/S valve bodies.
  • Rotors: Custom machined to fit a housing with 8-vane standard or beveled tip
    (options available).
  • Motor/Drive Assembly: Variable speed drives *Explosion-proof motors available; Gear motor unit that is right-angle mounted to the valve body with sprockets and chain drive, protected by a completely enclosed OSHA chain guard.
  • Seals: Internal lip seals, external Teflon® packing with air purge or Q3 seals with air purge available.
  • Flange: Round and square inlet and discharge available, depending on the application and valve size.


  • Abrasion-Resistant Design & Construction: Inclusive of hard chrome plating, air purge and external abrasive duty seals options
  • Rotors: Replaceable tips, reinforcement rods and pocket fillers available
  • Floor Stand: Provides support for airlock or feeder
  • Blow-Through Adapter: Connects airlock directly to customer-specified tube or pipe conveying line
  • Cast Pellet Inlet: Minimizes material sheer points at the inlet of an airlock
  • External Finish: White enamel or bead blast; other paint finishes may be available
  • Internal Finish: Machined cast iron, hard chrome plated cast iron, 304 S/S or 316 S/S

*Euro-drive or other custom drives available

Dimensions – Airlock / Feeder

HOUSING STYLE075A175A420A700A1250A2000A420F685F700F1250F2000F
Cu. Ft. per Rev.0.0750.1630.420.7371.16281.74410.420.67770.7371.29291.747
Air Leakage PSI2.63.334.575.536.327.564.575.215.536.327.56
Shaft Diameter1.1875/301.1875/301.25/321.5/382/512/511.25/321.25/321.5/381.5/382/51
**Weight CI/304 S/S75/95109/129160/180280/300490/510530/550160/180210/230280/300490/510530/550
A (inch/mm)16.375/41617.125/43520.625/52424/61027.5/69932.625/82920.625/52428.75/73024/61035/88934.5/876
B (inch/mm)8.1875/2089.5/24111.25/28813/33015.125/38417.5/44511.3125/28715.375/39113/33017.5/44517.25/438
C (inch/mm)10/25410.125/25713.25/33715.25/38720/50818.25/46412.375/31410.75/27314.625/37114.25/36218.25/464
D (inch/mm)27/68627.125/66929.625/75233.5/85135/88935.75/90829.625/75228.625/72733.5/85132/81335.75/908
E (inch/mm)31.5/80031.625/80335.75/90840.75/103544/111844.5/113035.75/90836.125/91840.75/103539/99144.5/1130
F (inch/mm)3.75/953.375/864.25/1084.25/1086/152

*All dimensions shown in inches/millimeters. **Weight does not include the drive.

HOUSING STYLE075A175A420A 700A1250A2000A 420F685F700F1250F2000F
Mount Holes (top
flange/bottom flange)
8/8 6/8 6/812/1212/126/1261812146
Size of Holes/Tap5/16-185/16-183/8-161/2-131/2-131/2-133/8-163/8-161/2-131/2-131/2-3
G (OD Round: inch/
H (ID Round: inch/mm)-6/1528/202--13/3308/203---13/330
I bolt circle (inch/mm)-8/2039.75/248--15.5/3949.75/248---15.5/394
J (inch/mm)8/2038.125/20610.75/27314.5/36814.5/36816/406-15/38114.5/36814/356
K (inch/mm)5/127 5.125/1307.75/19710.5/26710.5/26712/305-9/22910.5/2679/229
L (inch/mm)7/1789/22911.125/28314.5/36814.5/36816/406-17/43214.5/368 221/533
M (inch/mm)4/1026/2258.125/20610.5/26710.5/26712/305-12/30510.5/26716/406
N (inch/mm)3/764/1025.1875/1324.125/1054.125/1054.875/124 -2.5/644.125/1054.75/121
O (inch/mm)3.5/893.5/894.875/1244.125/1054.125/1054.875/124-3/764.125/1053/76
P (inch/mm)0002.06252.06252.4375-02.06251.5
R (inch/mm)0002.06252.06252.4375-32.06252.375

*The value of zero in the P and/or R dimensions indicates that the holes are on centerline

Model Numbers

  • A: Model 075A
  • B: Model 175A
  • C: Model 420A
  • D: Model 700A
  • E: Model 1250A
  • F: Model 2000A
  • G: Model 420F
  • H: Model 685F
  • I: Model 700F
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