• Butterfly Valve

Butterfly Valve

Shick Esteve’s Butterfly valves are available in two different models. For non-abrasive applications, Shick Esteve provides an O-ring damper which effectively seals the flow of dry powdered materials. A machined, beveled damper is available to seal the flow of granular materials and some semi-abrasive materials. Shick Esteve’s Butterfly Valves are typically used during filling and scaling operations or to seal off the flow of air or material.

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  • POSITIVE SEAL – Machined inner face and resilient O-ring guarantee a positive seal for material insuring years of dependable operation.
  • QUICK ACTING – Ouick-acting cylinder actuates internal damper quickly and effectively for accurate scaling.
  • CONSTRUCTION – Cast aluminum housing is designed for long life.
  • STAINLESS STEEL LINING – Optional stainless lining for appropriate sanitary or abrasive applications.
  • NEMA -4 & 9 standard, 4X and 7 available.
  • PROOF-POSITIVE VALVE POSITION Dual limit switch configuration provides assurance of complete actuation of cylinder.
  • FREE FLOW DESIGN – Completely opened or closed.
  • FLANGE LOCATING HOLES – Provide quick and proper alignment of valve during installation.


  • DAMPER – 304 S/S or 31 6 S/S damper and shaft.
  • LINER – 304 S/S or 316 S/S.
  • GASKET – Various materials supplied as requested.


SizeWeight* Lbs.# Of HolesA inch/mmB inch/mmC inch/mmD inch/mmE inch/mmF inch/mmG inch/mmH inch/mmI inch/mmJ inch/mmK inch/mmL inch/mm
8″3684.5/1 1415.25/3879/2299/2299.75/24811/2792.25/576/1525/1271.5/383/76.75/19
12”55124.5/1 1415.25/38111/27911/27913.75/34915/3812.25/578/2036.5/1651.5/383/76.75/19
16″74124.5/1 1415.25/38713/33013/33011.75/45118.75/4762.25/578/2039/2291.5/383/76.75/19
20″96124.5/1 1420.4/50816/40616/40621.75/55223/5842.25/578/20311.5/2921.5/383/76.75/19
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