Shick Esteve COVID-19 Update

To our extended Shick Esteve team: 

We know that most, if not all, of you are receiving these types of emails frequently throughout your day.  With that in mind, we will be brief with our message.  The health and safety of our Shick Esteve family (employees, customers, suppliers, partners) is of the utmost importance.

Shick Esteve has instituted the following policies:

  • We have suspended all non-essential domestic air travel.
  • ALL International travel has been suspended.
  • No outside visitors will be allowed access to either of our Kansas City facilities unless it is deemed absolutely necessary to business operations.
  • We have encouraged office staff to work remotely.
    • All employees have access to technology that will allow them to function efficiently so that there is no disruption to normal business.
    • We have identified personnel deemed critical for onsite operations and have asked them to work from the office at this time.
  • Office staff onsite have been educated on social distancing and the critical role that proper hygiene and periodic cleaning of work areas plays in reducing the risk of spread both while at work and at home.
  • Limiting the number of in person attendees to meetings and encouraging the use of video conference in lieu of in person meetings.
  • Continually providing the latest updates from CDC to our employees.

At this time there has been no disruption to our business or our ability to support our customers.  All business functions including manufacturing are operating normally.  We are continually monitoring our supply chain and discussing contingency plans should the need arise.  During this time our Global Customer Service team stands ready to support our customers.  Should you need to contact them you can reach them by calling +1 877.744.2587, or sending an email to

Shick Esteve Leadership

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