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Part Sales for Automation Needs

As demands for efficiency in the food industry continue to rise, new innovations in automation help manufacturers and bakers exceed industry standards. At Shick Esteve, we provide a variety of automation parts to help you maintain a healthy system and maximize productivity, accuracy, and cleanliness.

24/7 Global Customer Service

Our extensive stock and timely delivery keep your automated system running seamlessly, and our parts sales team is available to provide guidance and answer any questions you have along the way. No matter your location, our global, 24/7 customer service team will give you the guidance you need to find the right equipment maintenance and automated solutions. Our components sales team members have a breadth of technical knowledge to answer any questions you have about Shick Esteve equipment and the variety of finishes and features available.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

As a part of our customer-focused culture, we value building and upholding relationships with our customers far beyond installation. We offer continued support through training, preventative maintenance, and system audits, ensuring optimal performance throughout the life of your automation system. You can request a system audit at any time, during which a trained Shick Esteve staff member can recommend any replacement parts you may need to maintain the health of your system.

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Find Innovative Ingredient Automation Parts for Every Need

At Shick Esteve, we focus solely on the food industry, meaning we’re committed to providing innovative solutions that tackle the unique challenges that automation doesn’t face in other industries. We provide ingredient automation solutions to fit every niche and budget in the food industry. Whether you’re looking for replacement or preventative maintenance, our variety of parts can help improve the efficiency and cleanliness of your automation systems. Our part sales include the following products:

Airlocks, Valves, and Feeders

Valves help safely and efficiently direct, separate, meter, and seal the flow of dry, powdered, and granulated materials. We have a variety of different valves for use with vacuum, pressure pneumatic conveying, and gravity applications. Our components sales team can help you choose the correct valve for your specific needs.


Blowers supply consistent air volume and pressure to overcome system and material losses. Shick Esteve offers a full line of pressure, vacuum, and aeration blower packages to increase the reliability of your conveying systems.

Complete Systems

At Shick Esteve, we offer complete systems, such as bag dump stations, bulk bag unloaders, and IBC tote stands, to facilitate ingredient unloading, storage, transportation, and/or distribution without interrupting production.


Shick Esteve’s filter systems help companies meet stringent employee safety and air quality regulations, as well as reduce facility maintenance requirements by protecting against dust dangers.


Shick Esteve provides Fluidization that helps discharge aeratable products from bulk storage bins.

Lump Breakers

Our lump breakers are a simple, economical means of reducing compacted material before a processing or packaging line.


Receivers provide a cost-effective, efficient solution to separating materials from the air in pressure or vacuum pneumatic conveying airstreams.

Have an ordering or technical question? Please contact our Global Customer Service Team at +1 (877) 744-2587.

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